Our Story

Paul Sellew had a vision for New England – a locally grown salad that was available year-round. As the founder of Backyard Farms, Paul mastered the growing and distribution of flavorful, greenhouse-grown tomatoes. He put his salad plans on the back burner while he built his next company, Harvest Power, into the largest organics recycler in North America. But after leaving Harvest Power in 2015, his interest in locally grown produce was once again piqued and he began to research the best lettuce growing systems in the world.

Paul took to designing the most sustainable technology for growing lettuce in New England. In Fall 2015, Paul was joined by Tim Cunniff, Backyard Farms’ former EVP of Sales and Marketing. Realizing the opportunity to revolutionize the West Coast-dominated lettuce industry, Paul and Tim broke ground on the first phase of their 10-acre greenhouse development and began to line up customers.

Today, Little Leaf Farms is proud to have built the most technologically-advanced, lettuce growing greenhouse in the world. And Paul and Tim are excited to share with you the freshest, best tasting baby lettuces available in New England.

The Team

Our team has a shared passion for producing the best lettuce for local consumers, while ensuring our business practices support our belief of protecting our environment.


Little Leaves with a Big Purpose

It’s time to question the way things are being done.

Why is lettuce being grown in one of the driest places on earth?
What can be done to stop the rapid depletion of groundwater?
Can the use of potentially harmful chemical pesticides be avoided?
Is it possible to farm without further eroding fragile topsoil?
Why is food being shipped thousands of miles when it can be grown locally?

We believe there is a better way.

We grow our baby greens year-round in New England.
We use 100% captured rainwater.
We never use chemical pesticides. Ever.
We grow hydroponically to protect precious topsoil.
We only ship our baby greens to stores within a day’s drive.

We are passionate about sustainably growing great tasting baby greens.

We are Little Leaf Farms. Born Local. Raised Right.®

Giving Back

Little Leaf Farms is excited to work with local partners to help supply fresh produce to food banks and other support organizations. We are pleased to be working with Loaves to Fishes and The Greater Boston Food Bank. For more information, please contact us at info@littleleaffarms.com.

Sustainable development is often defined as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” We strive to meet this goal every day.