Green Leaf
Red Leaf

Spring Mix

An enticing collection of red leaf, green leaf, and blond leaf, lettuces, and arugula.

With its deliciously blended tastes, textures and colors, our Spring Mix presents itself beautifully for your next salad. Along with our red and green leaf lettuces, it features the peppery taste of arugula and the crinkled edges of our blond leaf. It’s as tasty as it is eye-pleasing!

Green Leaf
Red Leaf

Red & Green Leaf Mix

A delicious Red & Green Leaf Mix of tender red leaf and green leaf baby greens.

With a delicate and mild flavor, these greens are the perfect base for any salad. Green leaf lettuce provides a nice crunch, while red leaf lettuce offers up appealing color and is an excellent source of beta-carotene. Serve with your favorite dressing and fixings for a delicious side dish or main meal.

Baby Green Leaf

Baby Crispy Green Leaf

You will never eat iceberg and romaine again after you try this  lettuce. Flavor, crispness and freshness that will exceed your expectations.

If you wondered if you could ever get excited about lettuce, try this for your next salad and you will become a believer.

Where to Find Us:

You can find our baby greens at neighborhood grocery stores including:

If you don’t see your favorite market on this list, tell your local produce manager that you’d like them to carry Little Leaf Farms locally grown baby lettuces.

In 1994, 84% of all lettuce grown in the U.S. was iceberg lettuce. Since then, consumption of romaine and loose leaf lettuces has grown in popularity and is now more than double what it was in the early 1990s.