About Us

Little Leaf Farms was founded to make locally grown, great-tasting lettuce that’s available year-round. Taking inspiration from the best produce-growing systems in the world, we started developing our 10-acre greenhouse in 2015 to make this vision a reality. Today, we’re proud to share with you our fresh, crisp and sustainably grown baby lettuces.

The Team

At Little Leaf Farms, our crew has a shared belief that the best lettuce for you is also the best lettuce for the environment. Our team comes from all over the world (over 25 countries!) and our experience ranges from plant science to technical maintenance to CPG sales & marketing. We’re proud to grow greens that are fresh, safe, and delicious for our friends, family, and fans. And we always love to hear from you… get in touch and lettuce know what you think!


We are always looking for people with a passion for sustainable agriculture. If you think you have the skills and experience to join our team at Little Leaf Farms, we want to hear from you!

Paul Sellew, CEO of Little Leaf Farms

Paul Sellew

Founder & CEO

With over 30 years’ experience developing and leading successful companies, Paul has built a career on his belief in sustainable agriculture. As the founder of Backyard Farms, he brought locally grown, greenhouse tomatoes to the East Coast market. Paul holds a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from Cornell University.