Why the Bank of America is investing in a lettuce greenhouse (HortiDaily.com)

Jan 28, 2020

Inside one of the most technologically-advanced lettuce growing greenhouses in the world, Little Leaf Farms, a Devens, MA, company, is rethinking how food is grown and distributed. By keeping their production facilities close to the markets they serve, using on-site renewable energy, and integrating sustainable growing practices into their business model, Little Leaf is able to minimize their environmental impact while providing New England’s 14 million+ population with fresh, nutritious lettuce. “There’s no reason to ship food across the country,” notes Tim Cunniff of Little Leaf. “You can do it economically and sustainably while supporting local economies.”

Here, the Little Leaf team discusses why they’re rethinking traditional agriculture, and how – with Bank of America’s support – they plan on building a more sustainable food production and supply chain.