Worcester Regional Food Hub upended its operation to focus on individual orders for curbside pickup amid coronavirus (MassLive)

Jun 9, 2020

The spike in demand also helped the local farmers. While their traditional partners struggled, the Worcester Regional Food Hub offered an alternative through the pandemic.

“We had part of our business that was food service, institutions and restaurants, that business basically collapsed,” said Paul Sellew, founder and CEO of Little Leaf Farms in Shirley. “It was a smaller part of our business, but then the grocery sector surged. Again, everyone was eating at home. It allowed us to respond to the surging demand here based on how everyone was eating now.”

Full Article: https://www.masslive.com/worcester/2020/06/worcester-regional-food-hub-upended-its-operation-to-focus-on-individual-orders-for-curbside-pickup-amid-coronavirus.html