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Non-GMO Hands-Free Growing Quality & Safety Chemical & Pathogen-Free Packaging


Our seeds are naturally developed and do not contain any genetically modified materials.

Hands-Free Growing

With a specially designed growing system, our baby greens are seeded, grown, cut and packaged without being touched by human hands. That means our lettuce doesn’t have to be “triple-washed” to be clean, unlike field-grown greens.

Quality & Safety

Our growing system is managed through a Food Safety and Quality Assurance (FSQA) program, focusing on food safety throughout our growing process. Our program uses practices developed by world leading food safety experts, ensuring a safe and delicious product.

Chemical & Pathogen-Free

Due to our clean growing technology, we don’t have to triple wash our lettuce. Our baby leaves never come into contact with chlorine-based cleaners or other chemical washing agents often used in triple washing systems. We are chemical and pathogen free, giving you peace of mind when enjoying our fresh greens.


Our packaging is made from Post-Consumer Recycled plastic and can be recycled again after use at most recycling centers. We are also actively exploring packaging options that use less plastic.