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sustainability facts
Water Conservation Natural Sunlight Food Miles Energy Conservation Pesticide-Free

Water Conservation

We reuse the rain that falls on our roof to hydroponically grow our crispy greens, so we almost never have to tap into our groundwater reserves. Plus, we use an advanced fertilization and irrigation system that uses 90% less water than field-grown greens.

Natural Sunlight

Our greenhouse is built with the best glass in the world to maximize the use of carbon-free natural sunlight. During the winter, we supplement the natural light with LED-powered grow lights that use 40% less electricity than conventional options.

Food Miles

97% of lettuce in the U.S is grown in California and Arizona. The lettuce in our New England stores is shipped over 3,000 miles, sacrificing freshness and fuel each day it spends on a truck. Little Leaf Farms delivers our greens to stores within a day’s drive – meaning our lettuce is not only fresher, but also better for our planet.

Energy Conservation

We use a natural gas-powered heating system that operates with over 95% efficiency. Instead of releasing CO2 into the environment, our system feeds it to our plants. Additionally, a significant portion of our electricity is generated from local solar panels.


Our greens are never treated with chemical pesticides. We use a state-of-the-art biological control system to manage pests and provide our consumers with products free of any pesticide residue.